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Irish Cemetery Tombstone

During our yearly research trips to Ireland we have been systematically surveying cemeteries, digitally photographing every headstone and using advanced techniques to decipher them. These we publish in our Irish Genealogy Series. Our indexes contain full transcriptions of the memorial stones (minus poetry and scripture), maps of the area and cemetery, colour plates of the inside and outside of the churches, and important and unusual monuments. Each book has a comprehensive index of the names and their map location in the cemetery. Included are townland names and maiden names if given. We also sell photographs of the cemetery headstones.

While in Ireland we conduct research for our clients in the archives, libraries, other record offices, churches, and cemeteries in all counties. Contact us about our services and rates.

We have given genealogy presentations to the staff of PRONI (Public Records Office of Northern Ireland), and the Enniskillen branch of the Northern Ireland Family History Society.

Click here to see a list of our cemetery indexes and primary source collections